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  STRATEGIES FOR MARKETING Karya: G.A. Michaelson - S.W. Michaelson

Karya: G.A. Michaelson - S.W. Michaelson
Kode: Tx-E950
Introduction: The Principles of Marketing Strategy
First Principle: Honor the Customer
If the customer doesn’t purchase your product or service, nothing else matters.
Second Principle: Organization of Interlligence
Know your market as well as you know your self.
Third Principle: Maintenance of the Objective
A clear intention and a steady aim.
Fourth Principle: A Secure Position
Occupy position that cannot easily be taken by your opponents.
Fifth Principle: Offensive Action
Keep on the offensive to secure freedom of action.
Sixth Principle: Surprise
Surprise is the best way to gain psychological dominance and deny the initiative to your opponnent
Seventh Principle: Maneuver
The easiest routes are often the most heavily defended; the longesh way round can be the shortest way home.
Eighth Principle: Concentration of Resources
Mass sufficiently superior force at the decisive place and time.
Ninth Principle: Economic of Force
Assess accurately where you employ your resources.
Tenth Principle: Command Structure
The management process unleashes the power of human resources.
Eleventh Principle: Personal Leadership
It requires the leader’s faith in his or her people and their faith in the leader’s ability to win.
Twelfth Principle: Simplicity
Even the simplest plans are difficult to execute.
Implementing Strategies
Practical Marketing Examples from Succesful Managers
Penerbit: Mc. Grawhill; Th Terbit: 2004; Cetakan Ke: Iii; Jml Hal: 244 Lembar; Kertas Isi: Hvs; Cover: Soft; Dimensi: 15 Cm X 23 Cm; Kondisi: Bekas; Isbn: 0-07-142731-7.
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