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  BUSINESS A CHANGING WORLD Karya: Ferrel /Hirt / Ferrel

Karya: Ferrel /Hirt / Ferrel
Kode: Tx-E967
Part 1
Business in a Changing World
Chapter I
The Dynamics of Business and Economics
Enter the World of Business:
Crocs Attack
The Nature of Business
The Economic Foundations of Business
Destination CEO: New Balance: Can America compete?
Responding to Business Challenges: Lowe�s vs. The Home Depot: Location, Location Going Green: The Electric Sports Can-Reality of Fantasy
The American Economy
Entrepreneurship in Action: Wikipedia Provides Accessible Collaborative Knowledge
Chapter 2
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Enter the Word of Business:
Ethisphere Links Ethics to Profits
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
The Role of Etnics in Business
Consider Ethics and Social Responsibility: Repainting Mattel�s Image
The Nature of Social Responsibility
Destination CEO: Bakery with a Conscience
Entrepreneurship in Action: Capturing the Wind to Power the Future
Going Green: EarthCraft Houses: Crafted for Earth
Chapter 3
Business in a Borderless World
Enter the World of Business:
Fresh & Easy Grocery Shopping for One & All!
The Role of International Business
International Trade Barriers
Think Globally: Japanese and Amerincans Swap Food
Entrepreneurship in Action: Wildnet makes Wi-Fi Available to Everyone
Trade Agreements, Alliances, and Organizations
Getting Involved in International Business
International Business Strategies
Destination CEO: VF Corporation-Matthew McDonald
Going Green: Entrepreneurs Defeat Hunger with Plumpy�nut
Chapter 4
Managing Information Technology and E-Business
Online Bargaining for the Lowest Price
The Impact of Technology on Our Lives
Entrepreneurship in Action: Business.com
Managing Information
Destination CEO: Adobe Corporation-Bruce Chizen, CEO
The Internet
Going Green: Virtually Protesting to Save the Environment
Legal And Social Issues
Responding to Business Challenges: The Internet Provides the Opportunity for a Real Second Life
Part 2
Starting and Growing a Business
Chapter 5
Options for Organizing Business
�B� Is for Beneficial: A New Model for a Changing Business Community
Sole Proprietorships
Sole Proprietorships
Entrepreneurship in Action: Carpinteros: Focusing on Quality and Tradition
Destinations CEO: My StudentBiz: Student Entrepreneurs and Snacks
Going Green: CSAs for Everyone
Other Types of Ownership
Trends in Business Ownership: Mergers and Acquisitions
Consier Ethics and Social Responsibility: Kids Kick Their Way to Stronger Self-Esteem
Chapter 6
Small Business, Entrepreneurship, and Franchising
Cheese Goes from Smelly to Hip
The Nature of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Destination CEO: Robert Johnson
Advantage of Small-Business Ownership
Entrepreneurship in Action: Cultivating Success: The Growth of Albaugh Inc.
Disadvantages of Small-Business Ownership
Consider Ethics and Social Responsibiligy: Dinosaur Fossils Incite Controversy and Enterprise
Starting a Small Business
Going Green: Would you By a Recycled Toothbrush?
The Future fro Small Business
Making Big Businesses Act �Small�
Part 3
Managing for Quality and Competitiveness
Chapter 7
The Nature of Management
The Best Buzz: High-End Coffe
The Importance of Management
Entrepreneurship in Action: Finding Beaty in Blight: Dennie Ibbotson�s Carved Wood Designs
Types of Management
Destination CEO: Universal Music
Skills Needed by Managers
Going Green: Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: A Bright Idea
Where Do Managers Come From?
Dicision Making
Responding to Business Challenges: At 100, GM Tries for a Turnaround
The Reality of Management
Chapter 8
Organization, Teamwork, and Communication
PetConnection.Com Has a Simple Organizational Structure
Organizational Culture
Business in a Changing World: Dell Changes Its Organizational Culture
Developing Organizational Struture
Assigning Tasks
Assigning Responsibility
Entrepreneurship in Action: Hydroponics Helps Green Garlic Harvest Profits
Forms of Organizational Structure
The Role Groups and Teams in Organizations
Destination CEO: Spectrum Brands CEO
Communicating in Organizations
Going Green: Communicating to Save Trees and Sidewalks
Chapter 9
Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations
Goya Foods: Quality operations and Products
The Nature of Operations Management
Responding to Business Challenges: JetBlue Recovers and Excells in Service
Destination CEO: Robert Lane, CEO, John Deere & Company
Planning and Designing Operations Systems
Entrepreneurship in Action: MINK Shoes Are Friendly and Fashionable
Green Operations and Manufacturing
Managing the Supply Chain
Going Green: Concerned about Gas Mileage or the Environment? Get Smart!
Managing Quality
Part 4
Creating the Human Resource Advantage
Chapter 10
Motivating the Workforce
Amadeus Consulting: Where Employees Are the Company
Nature of Human Relations
Historical Perspectives on Employee Motivation
Going Green: Motivating Employees by Being Green
Theories of Employee Motivation
Consider Ethics and Social Responsibility: Best Buy Brongs Diversity to the Greek Squad
Strategies for Motivating Employees
Destination CEO: Corporate Health
Entrepreneurship in Action: Matching Workers with Employers
Chapter 11
Managing Human Resources
Managing the Workforce during Slow Times
The Nature of Human Resources Management
Planning for Human Resources Needs
Recruiting and Selecting New Employees
Entrepreneurship in Action: Terry Gou Finds the Right Employees in China
Developing the Workforce
Destination CEO: Anne Mulcahy, Xerox
Compensating the Workforce
Going Green: Green Coffe?
Managing Unionized Employees
The Importance of Workforce Diversity
Consider Ethics and Social Responsibility: AT&T Achieves Supplier Diversity
Part 5
Marketing: Developing Relationships
Chapter 12
Customer-Driven Marketing
Bargain Shopping for Bridel Gowns
Nature of Marketing
Entrepreneurship in Action: Samatha�s Table Sparks High-End Romances
Developing a Marketing Strategy
Destination CEO: Tom Ryan, CVS
Responding to Business Challenges: Apple and Phinnaeus or Julie and David: What�s in a Name?
Marketing Research and Information Systems
Buying Behaviour
Going Green: Making Reusable Cool
The Marketing Environment
Chapter 13
Dimensions of Marketing Strategy
Concord Music Has a Flair for Marketing
The Marketing Mix
Product Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Going Green: Levi�s Blue Jeans Go Green
Destination Strategy
Entrepreneurship in Action: Kombucha Tea Tastes Different!
Promotion Strategy
Part 6
Financing the Enterprise
Chapter 14
Accounting and Financial Statements
The Richest Man in the World
The Nature of Accounting
Going Green: Hertz Goes Green: Generating Cost versus Benefit Decisions
The Accounting Process
Financial Statements
Entrepreneurship in Action: Pursuing a Life-Long Dream, a Social Worker and Teacher Gets an A+ for His Goat�s Milk Cheeses
Ratio Analysis: Analyzing Financial Statements
Consider Ethic and Social Responsibility: Holding Companies Responsible: The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
Chapter 15
Money and the Financial System
Peer-to-Peer Lending: Seeking New Ways to Prosper
Money in the Financial System
The American Financial System
Destination CEO: Clarence Otis-Darden Restaurants
Responding to Business Challenge: Wells Fargo Uses Family Histories to Gain New Clients
Going Green: Metabolix: A Small Film with Big Plans to Reduce Waste
Entrepreneurship in Action: Independent Bank Hits Gold by Staying True to Its Roots
Chapter 16
Financial Management and Securities Markets
Sears Holding Corporation: Using Brand Names to Create Bonds
Destination CEO: Charles Schwab
Managing Current Assets and Liabilities
Going Green: Going Green, or Greenwashing?
Managing Fixed Assets
Financing with Long-Term Liabilities
Entrepreneurship in Action: Readiy for Takeoff: RealKidz Clothing
Financing with Owners� Equity
Investment Banking
The Securities Markets
Consider Ethics and Social Responsibility: Subprime Lending: What Is It, and Why Has It Caused So Much Trouble?
Penerbit: Mc Graw - Hill Irwin; Th Terbit: 2009; Cetakan Ke: Vii; Jml Hal: 588 Lembar; Kertas Isi: Hvs; Cover: Soft; Dimensi: 20 Cm X 25 Cm; Kondisi: Bekas; Isbn: 978-0-07-009166-5.
Berat: 1300 gram
Stok: 1
Harga: Rp 192.000,-

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